The Quarreling Kites
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The Quarreling Kites

Written by: Lin Acacio Flores
Illustrated by: Hermes Alegre

3rd prize, 1995 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award Short Story for Children


Two kites.

One big. One small.

Two people.

A father and son.

Join them on golden afternoons as these four characters come together in a touching tale of camaraderie, rivalry, and friendship.

In her Palanca-award winning children’s story, Lin Acacio-Flores uses father and son’s unspoken bond of love to showcase the exciting and poignant escapades of a pair of quarreling kites. National Children’s Book Award artist Hermes Alegre’s striking oil paintings depict the beauty of the Philippine rural landscape against which the airborne adventures of the kites unfold.

Size: 11.5 x 8 in
ISBN: 971-630-122-7
Year Published: 2000

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