SQUIRT MAGERT: The Fraidy Frog
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SQUIRT MAGERT: The Fraidy Frog

Written by: Gidget Jimenez
Illustrated by: Isabel Roxas

A dog’s bark sends Squirt Magert hiding in the bushes. Too late! “Are you as fast as a rocket?” laughs the Boy, stuffing the little frog down his pocket. Poor Squirt is both doomed and groomed to run in the Boy’s frog race. As the frog pack tumbles headlong downhill, Squirt braces himself for the unknown adventure that will change his life.

The creators of Tubble Wubble: The Clumsy Little Turtle return with another tender, funny story, sure to deliver smiles and giggles to young readers. Gidget Jimenez and Pepper Roxas’ book explores a frog’s adventure with life, fear and friends.

The I-Like-Myself books are designed to help parents build a child’s self-confidence. Using big, bold, text appealing illustrations, these books are an irresistible invitation to youngsters to read on their own. 


Size: 8 x 8 in
ISBN: 971-630-114-6
Year Published: 2000


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