TUBBLE WUBBLE: The Clumsy Little Turtle
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TUBBLE WUBBLE: The Clumsy Little Turtle

Written by: Gidget R. Jimenez
Illustrated by: Isabel "Pepper" Roxas

Tubble Wubble is a turtle who is always in trouble. Why oh why can’t he ever do anything right? Youngsters will laugh with glee as the clumsy turtle tries to do what’s right—till he actually does!

Gidget Jimenez’s rollicking verse and Pepper Roxas’ sunny watercolors will delight anyone who know the value of helping a friend in need.

The I-Like-Myself books are designed to help parents build a child’s self-confidence. Using big, bold, text appealing illustrations, these books are an irresistible invitation to youngsters to read on their own.

Size: 8 x 8 in
ISBN: 971-630-099-9
Year Published: 1998


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