SALAYSAYAN for the 35th National Children’s Book Day

Echoes of cheers from both young and old filled the halls of Museo Pambata one Sunday afternoon during the SALAYSAYAN—an extension of the celebration of the 35th National Children’s Book Day.  The Philippine Board on Books for Young People welcomed visiting families, teachers and students from local public schools, and street children invited by Dagdag Dunong. With the theme, “Sa Aklat May Laya,” the kids enjoyed the freedom to explore the galleries and have their imagination awakened through various performances of the volunteer storytellers and authors.

After the official opening ceremonies of the Salaysayan (or its storytelling festival), everyone was given the absolute freedom to wander around the museum. Each batch of kids had the chance to visit each of the six rooms where different storytellers were stationed to perform their chosen storybooks. While the kids were enjoying the shows, Teacher Montie Andal shared “Stages of Reading Development: Using this Knowledge to Support our Children,” a talk on how to complement each stage of a child’s development with the appropriate reading materials to help their over-all growth.

At the end of the program, everyone gathered once again at the Kalayaan Hall to recognize the volunteers who shared their time and talents to the event. With that happy note, everyone went home with new books and stories in hand, mind and heart.

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