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With the coming Father’s Day, let’s get to know one of Tahanan Books’ artists, Elbert Or. Read on to learn about his adventures as an illustrator and as a new dad! 

3 words to describe his work: blog-elbertor-01

How he likes his work environment:

It’s a home office setup that we crammed into our tiny one-bedroom apartment. I work from home, so I can be near wifey and the new baby. I listen to podcasts or rewatch episodes of Survivor from past seasons, just so I can tune out the sounds of home and focus on work when I need to, but am happy that I can take a break any time and pop my head in to see what mommy and baby are doing in the next room.


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Where he gets his inspiration:

I think any artist worth his/her salt will tell you the answer is everywhere! I just soak as much of life as I can, but make sure I have enough quiet time for myself to let the stimulus simmer and coagulate into something I can work with. The latter is a crucial distinction, I think: just accumulating life experiences isn’t enough if you don’t allow yourself the time and opportunity to reflect on them.

blog-elbertor-03His first project with Tahanan Books:

I think it was “The More The Manyer.” I don’t remember, it was so long ago haha! My mind is simply preoccupied with the next project right now, and whatever future collaborations with Tahanan we’ll get ourselves into!

The best thing about working on the fourth and last book for our long-running series, The Return of the Comeback:

That it’s finally over! I had initially wanted to do just three of these books, but found that there was still enough material for a solid fourth book. But now that I’ve finished it, I’m turning my attention to the next projects that will hopefully build on what I’ve already done before.

His upcoming projects.

I’m currently working on a picture book for Tahanan Books, while juggling the demands of being a new daddy, and continuing to grow the visual communication studio that I set up, Pushpin Visual Solutions. Very pleasantly busy!

Artist's Corner - Elbert Or

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