Ang Kuwento ni Bb. Repolyo (Big Book Edition)
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Ang Kuwento ni Bb. Repolyo (Big Book Edition)

Written by: Serene Wee
Translated by: Augie Rivera 
Illustrated by: Conrad Raquel

“Let me tell you a little fable... About a boastful vegetable.”
The proud Lady Cabbage thinks she’s the best there is to ever grow on Farmer Tong’s vegetable patch. Watch her roly-poly head get bigger and BIGGER as she lords it over the other veggies… but all that changes the day Farmer Tong pays her a visit!

Trim size: 13 x 15 inches
No. of pages: 16 pp plus cover
Year Published: 2014
ISBN: 978-971-630-149-9   

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