Typhoon & Volcanoes

ISBN 971-630-015-8

Typhoon! All About Tropical Cyclones

Written by Maria Elena Paterno
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They blow into our part of the world about twenty times a year, bringing lashing winds, heavy rain, and destruction.

People in the North Atlantic and South Pacific call them hurricanes. In the Indian Ocean they are called cyclones. Here we call them typhoons. Weathermen classify these storms as tropical cyclones. They are giant whirlwinds born in the sea that can destroy everything in their path when they cross land.

More typhoons pass through the Philippines than any other country in the world. In this book you will learn how typhoons are formed, how forecasts are made, and what to do the next time a typhoon strikes.

Published in 1993

LIMITED OFFER: Comes with a complimentary copy of Volcanoes of the Philippines also written by Maria Elena Paterno


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